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Indonesia Specialty Coffee Beans

Indonesia Specialty Coffee Beans

About Indonesia Green Coffee Beans

Indonesia has been one of the world’s leading producers of coffee commodities since three hundred years ago. Arabica and Robusta are the dominant types of green coffee beans Indonesia circulating in the market today. 

Indonesian coffees have become the favorites of many due to their distinctive qualities in floral and spicy flavors and wet-hulled processing method. This process creates a signature of the Indonesian coffee profile, producing a well-balanced taste. 

Please find out more about Indonesia green coffee beans, their history, and how Indonesians decide on green bean’s grade and classification in this article!

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The Origin of Green Coffee Beans Indonesia

The history of Indonesia green coffee beans originated from Dutch colonization. Hundreds of years ago, a Dutch colonialist introduced Arabica coffee from Yemen to Indonesia. After several attempts at cultivating coffee plants in Batavia, now known as Jakarta, the Dutch began to expand the coffee plantations to other regions in Sumatra and Sulawesi islands.

Yet, the coffee rust disease created a major setback for growing green coffee beans in Indonesia because Arabica coffee trees were not resistant to it. Thus, in the 1700s, the Dutch brought another coffee type, Robusta coffee, with stronger resistance to the disease. 

The Grade and Classification of Indonesian Green Beans

To ensure the quality of green coffee beans in Indonesia, the government lists grades and classifications. Explaining how many total values of defects per 300 grams are acceptable for each grade. This classification is only applicable to Indonesian green coffee beans.

● Grade 1: Total defects maximum 11

● Grade 2: Total defects between 12 and 25

● Grade 3: Total defects between 26 and 44

● Grade 4a: Total defects between 45 to 60

● Grade 4b: Total defects between 61 to 80

● Grade 5: Total defects between 81 to 150

● Grade 6: Total defects between 151 to 225

Most exported Indonesian Arabica coffee beans are of grade 1. Meanwhile, the exported Indonesian Robusta coffee beans comprise 60% of grade 4, 30% of grades 5 and 6, and 10% of grade 1.

Indonesia produces approximately 5.5% green coffee beans worldwide, including Arabica and Robusta. This makes Indonesia the third largest coffee producer after Brazil and Colombia.

That is the history and classification of Indonesian green coffee beans. Reach out to FNB Tech if you are searching for excellent green coffee beans Indonesia. We offer Arabica, Robusta, and specialty coffees from many regions with varying grades and taste notes.

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