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About Indonesia Specialty Coffee Beans

It is no secret that specialty coffee represents the best quality. Certified Q graders assess specialty coffee through a professional and elaborate process starting from the coffee cultivation to brewing. A similar manner applies to Indonesia specialty coffee beans.

However, to most Indonesians, this type of coffee is less popular than commercial coffee. Although many have put their interest in specialty coffee, in this case, Arabica coffee, the foreign term and taste keep Indonesians sticking with instant, commercial coffee.

If you are on a journey to find a brand new taste of high-quality coffee, do not fret, as the article will inform you everything about Indonesia specialty coffee!

Sumatra Super Peaberry

History of Indonesia Specialty Coffee Beans

It all was started in the 17th century under the Dutch administration. In 1969, a Dutch governor brought Arabica coffee seeds to Indonesia, starting the plantation on Java island. Then, it spread to some areas of Sumatra and Sulawesi.

From that point onwards, many growing Indonesian specialty coffee Indonesia were established due to the high demand for coffee commodities in the European market. After the fall of the Dutch rule in Indonesia, the Indonesian government started nationalizing the existing coffee plantations without the Forced Cultivation System.

The number of coffee plantations increased, and at the same time, Indonesians began to find the appropriate way of growing coffee according to their region, soil, and weather.

Types and Taste of Indonesia Specialty Coffee Beans

Right now, the popularity of these coffees has soared because of the wet-hulled process resulting in unique tastes of Indonesian coffee. Here are the types and tastes of Indonesian specialty coffees.

1. Gayo Coffee, Aceh

Gayo coffee has a low to medium acidity with the whole body. It varies in taste depending on the altitudes of the plantation. In general, Gayo coffee has an earthy and spicy aroma.

2. Mandheling Coffee, North Sumatra

Mandheling coffee also has low acidity and a full body. This one of Indonesia specialty coffee beans tastes hints at floral herbs, dark chocolate, and spice flavors.

3. Toraja Coffee, Sulawesi

Toraja coffee has distinct floral and fruity flavors with a fragrant aroma. Low acidity makes Toraja coffee a favorite of many coffee lovers.

4. Kintamani Coffee, Bali

Kintamani coffee has a distinct and fresh citrus taste and medium to high acidity yet a light to medium body. 

There are other Indonesia specialty coffee beans such as Flores Bajawa, Papua Wamena, Java Ijen, Sumatra Lintong, and so on. Each offers a different tasting experience. If you are a roaster with an overwhelming interest in these coffee beans, look at our shop of high-quality green beans!

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