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Mandheling Coffee, a Specialty Coffee Original from Indonesia

Mandheling coffee is Arabica coffee originating from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. Mandheling Coffee has unique color and flavor, just like other Sumatra Island coffee beans already well-known worldwide. Let’s get to know more about this coffee.

The Origin Of Mandheling Coffee

As previously mentioned, Mandheling Coffee comes from North Sumatra, in the Mandailing Regency. Mandheling is also the name of the tribe that inhabits the area.

This Mandheling coffee has been known since 1800. So, it is not surprising that this coffee is one of the famous types of coffee in Indonesia and is a favorite of many people.

This coffee tree grows on plantations in the Bukit Barisan area, which has an altitude of up to 5000 feet, and the lowest is 2500 feet above sea level. This geographical situation makes Mandheling Coffee have a unique taste that is difficult to duplicate.

What Are the 4 Features of Mandheling Coffee

Mandheling coffee is a quality coffee; in addition, this coffee also has features that are not owned by other types of coffee in Indonesia. The following are some of the features of Mandheling Coffee that you need to know:

1. Comfortable In Stomach 

If you are a coffee lover with a more sensitive stomach or digestion, you must try Mandheling Coffee. This coffee has a relatively low acidity level, so it will not cause excess stomach acid. The taste of this coffee also tends to be just right, not too sour and sweet.

2. Unique Herbal Scent 

If you like the aroma of coffee that tends to be fruity, floral, and spicy, then this coffee is for you. Unlike Arabica coffee in Indonesia, Mandailing Coffee has a unique aroma of spice, chocolate, flowers, and fruits. The delicious aroma makes this coffee attract coffee lovers domestically and abroad.

3. Anyone can enjoy

Not everyone can love all coffee varieties because of various factors, from flavor to scent. Anyone can enjoy mandheling coffee, even those who don’t particularly like it or drink it occasionally.

4. Mandheling Coffee can be mixed with milk or other ingredients

If you are used to drinking coffee with a mixture of milk or cream, then Mandheling Coffee can be an option. Mandheling coffee can also be enjoyed by mixing it with milk, cream, or sweetened condensed milk. Combining Mandheling Coffee with various milk choices will not reduce its taste, aroma, and characteristics.

How To Choose Good Coffee Beans

Picture of Mandheling Coffee Beans

In choosing quality coffee beans, there are several things that coffee lovers must understand so they do not lose when buying them. The following is a guide on choosing good coffee beans according to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia.

1. Check the roasting date for roasted coffee beans

Fresh fresh coffee beans will produce a delicious taste. Fresh coffee beans will release their natural sweetness and aroma. To get good quality coffee beans, fresh ones should be consumed within three weeks from the roasting date.

Coffee beans that have passed three weeks will usually have a faded, flat, skinny, and floury appearance. The quality of coffee beans with these characteristics is not as good as fresh coffee beans. Do coffee beans expire?

2. Distinctive aroma is the hallmark of quality coffee beans

Good coffee beans will usually have a solid and distinctive aroma because they are still fresh or fresh. Coffee beans with a weak and less unique aroma can no longer be new.

3. Quality coffee beans are seen from the color

The color of the beans can determine the characteristics of good coffee beans. Unroasted coffee beans with black or dark brown marks have likely been harmed. These black or dark brown spots signify fungal growth that can produce toxins such as aflatoxins.

4. Try To Examine The Physical Appearances

The quality of coffee beans can also be seen from their physical characteristics. Good coffee beans will have a uniform greenish color and no cracks or rot.

To sort coffee beans, you can use specialty grade with a maximum damage tolerance of 4%. The damage tolerance in 100 kg green beans should not exceed 4 kg.

5. Choose coffee beans according to your taste

Coffee beans are classified into two types, namely Arabica and Robusta. Both types of coffee beans produce a different and distinctive aroma and taste.

Arabica coffee has a sweeter taste with a mild aroma. If you don’t like coffee that is too bitter, Arabica coffee can be an option. Arabica coffee beans have a sweeter taste than other types of coffee. This type of coffee also offers a rich flavor and aroma. Therefore, Arabica usually has aromatic and flavorful characters, for example, floral, fruity, citrus, nutty, and sweet.

About 70–80% of the coffee produced worldwide is Arabica. Because Arabica coffee has a smoother and deeper flavor than Robusta coffee. Arabica coffee is also reputed to contain little caffeine.

Excess caffeine can trigger an increase in stomach acid production. The caffeine in Arabica coffee is approximately half of the caffeine in Robusta. Therefore, Arabica coffee is safer for people with gastric problems to consume than Robusta coffee. This is, of course, if the consumption of a reasonable dose.

While robusta coffee has a more robust and sharper taste and aroma, the sugar content is also much lower than Arabica coffee. In terms of thickness, robusta coffee generally has a thicker texture than Arabica coffee. In addition, the caffeine content also tends to be higher. The taste of this coffee tends to be plain and bitter. If you are looking for coffee to get rid of drowsiness, the Robusta type is more suitable to drink.

The caffeine content in Robusta coffee is about 2.3 grams/100 grams of coffee. This figure is almost twice as high as the caffeine content in Arabica coffee beans. You should be careful when consuming robusta coffee if you suffer from stomach problems.

Final Words 

If you want to make Mandheling Coffee with a fresh taste, you can make it yourself. Of course, as a coffee lover, you have your coffee grinder. If you don’t have one, you can get it on the AEKI marketplace website.

PT FnB Tech Indonesia was founded in 1999; it began as a small exchange and trade green coffee beans company in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia. The organization’s business sold coffee beans to nearby and global business sectors. Today, they exchange globally to more than 33 countries, with more than 17,811 purchasers.

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