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8 Types of Coffee Beans in Indonesia, Unique & You Must Try!

Types Coffee Beans in Indonesia

As one of the most consumed beverages globally, coffee is ranked as one of the top commodities in the world. According to Visual Capitalist data, Indonesia is positioned in the 4th rank among the largest producers of coffee in the world in 2020.

Out of many types of coffee beans in Indonesia, there are four main coffee bean categories that Indonesia produces annually. They are the following types:

  • Arabica coffee beans, 
  • Robusta coffee beans,
  • Indonesian specialty coffee beans like Luwak coffee one of the rarest green coffee beans of Indonesia processed in the tummy of the Asian wild civet, and
  • Liberica coffee beans.

The four types mentioned have captured both coffee lovers and casual people globally. They are known as well as the best Indonesian coffee beans.

Best Coffee Beans from Indonesia 

Coffee Beans From Province Indonesia
Coffee Beans in Indonesia

1. Gayo Coffee Beans, From Aceh (Arabica)

Gayo coffee beans are produced in the Northern part of Indonesia in Aceh. The most producing areas of Gayo coffee beans are Central Aceh, Bener Meriah, and a part of Gayo Lues. 

Gayo coffee beans is known widely for its rich yet remarkable taste, which tends to be buttery and nutty. It has a good acidity level that shapes powerful characteristics yet provides a clean aftertaste. The aroma may vary, but it is considered to have hints of spicy aroma.

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2. Mandheling Coffee Beans, From North Sumatra (Arabica)

The name was taken after a north Sumatranese ethnic group from the Batak region, Mandailing. The beans grow in volcanic soil at an altitude between 750 to 1500 above sea level in west-central Sumatra, Aceh. 

The varieties of Arabica beans that are mostly used are the Catimor and Typica. Mandheling coffee beans taste is considered to have an enjoyable amount of acidity with a deep herbal aroma and woody yet clean earthy notes. 

3. Kintamani Coffee Beans, From Bali (Arabica)

Kintamani coffee beans provide a distinctive taste, suitable for those who do not like the bitter taste generally found in coffee. As a substitute, you’ll get a milder taste and sweet flavor with a hint of sour freshness. 

The citrus-like sour taste is developed since the coffee farmers grow the coffee in the same areas as vegetables and oranges. They also implement subak irrigation systems to grow the coffee organically. Bali Beans Plantation is the best coffee plantation to visit in Bali to taste the coffee and know the end-to-end process better. 

4. Toraja Coffee Beans, From Toraja (Arabica)

Cultivated mostly by numerous individuals in the north of Makassar, South Sulawesi, the Toraja Coffee Beans have left a taste of sensation that has become a favorite for Northern European countries. 

The flavor it offers is also complex. Aside from spicy notes similar to other Indonesian coffee beans, it hints at a savory note, along with an intensely fruity and earthy taste. In addition, it also offers a pleasant aroma mixed with spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Still, the aftertaste is clean and balanced. 

5. Luwak Coffee Beans (Indonesian Specialty Coffee)

Indonesian Luwak coffee beans are cultivated in only a few regions and become part of Indonesia specialty coffee beans. The largest producing regions are in the Sumatra Islands, which are Central Aceh, Sidikalang, West Sumatra, and Lampung. 

It is called so since Luwak, or Asian palm civet, has a major role in its production. Civet eats coffee beans but only the perfectly ripe ones, then known to be the best quality coffee beans.

It goes to their digestive system for around 24 to 36 hours before it comes out within the animal’s poop and can be washed, roasted, and grounded. The exclusivity in the process is what makes its flavor particular and pricey. 

6. Temanggung Coffee Beans, From Central Java (Robusta)

Robusta is still the largest coffee bean variety that is cultivated in Indonesia. One of the types comes from a region in Central Java, which is called Temanggung. 

The Temanggung coffee beans offer a slight taste of tobacco. Generally, it has a medium level of acidity along with a balanced sweet and bitter taste and a toothsome aroma of mocha. 

7. Ijen Raung’s Java Coffee, East Java (Arabica)

Ijen Raung’s Java coffee beans taste exotic with thinner bitterness, lower acidity level with a nutty flavor, and hints of chocolate. This coffee bean cultivation is located in the eastern part of Java Island, in Bondowoso, precisely in the mountains of Ijen and Raung. 

8. Wamena Coffee Beans, Papua (Arabica)

If other coffee beans in Indonesia have a similar flavor with a spicy aroma and nutty hint, it is a different case for Wamena coffee beans. 

The coffee plantation is located in the valley on the east side of Gunung Jaya Wijaya, the only snowy mountain in Indonesia, which offers a perfect climate and altitude to grow the best quality coffee beans. The farmers avoid using pesticides to grow their coffee, and it is what is considered to develop the floral aroma it has. Within the altitude of 1,200 – 1,600 masl, the volcanic soil is organically fertile and has the best climate for growing coffee, especially for the Arabica bean variety. 

If you are curious about more types of coffee beans in Indonesia, find out the extensive list in Fnb Tech Indonesia!

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