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These are 5 Provinces of Coffee Exporter from Indonesia

These are 5 Provinces of Coffee Exporter from Indonesia

Indonesia is in the top 5 as the world’s largest coffee producer and exporter. More clearly, Indonesia is in fourth place, right after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. BPS recorded that coffee production in Indonesia reached 774.60 thousand tons. These coffees are exported to various countries. So, where do the coffees exported from Indonesia come from? The following are five coffee exporters from Indonesia.

Five Coffee Exporter From Indonesia 

South Sumatra

It is widely known that the island of Sumatra is one of the largest coffee exporter from Indonesia. Generally, coffee beans from Sumatra have a thick shape with low acidity. The specific area is known to have the largest coffee plantations in South Sumatra. South Sumatra Province has a coffee plantation area of ​​249,963 hectares, where most of its production comes from smallholder plantations. Discussing specific locations, popular coffee plantation areas in South Sumatra can be found in Pagar Alam, Lahat, Muara Enim, and Empat Lawang. The ideal type of coffee in this province itself is the robusta type.


Like South Sumatra, Robusta is also a popular coffee production in Lampung. The area of ​​coffee plantations in this province alone reaches 156,836 hectares. With such a large plantation area, the harvest is said to be able to contribute as much as 17.44 percent of the total coffee commodities produced by Indonesia. An example of a well-known and quite large coffee plantation in Lampung can be found in UluBelu, where the harvest is spread not only to the national market but also to the international market with successful exports abroad.


Hearing the name Aceh, the coffee that automatically comes to mind is gayo coffee. Some say coffee from Aceh is also a prima donna in the coffee world. In the Central Aceh region, the Gayo Highlands is known to be the center of the growth of superior-quality Arabica coffee. Expressly, it is stated that the area of ​​coffee plantations in Aceh reaches 125,443 hectares. While some specific coffee-producing regions can be found in Central Aceh District, Kab. Takengon, Kab. Gayo Lues, and Kab. Right.

North Sumatra

Of the coffee commodities produced by Indonesia, about 9.9 percent come from North Sumatra. The area of ​​coffee plantations in this province reaches 95,263 hectares. More detail, the coffee plantation area can be found in the Mandailing Natal or Panyabungan area. The uniqueness of coffee from North Sumatra is that it has an enormous appeal. Even the world community glances at it because of its taste. One of the popular types of coffee from this province is the Mandailing Sumatra Arabica coffee.

East Java

Another Coffee Exporter from Indonesia is East Java. This province has a total coffee plantation area of ​​89,894 hectares. As is known, East Java is an area that has many volcanoes. Volcanic ash that appears from various eruptions in the East Java area is believed to fertilize the soil so that the coffee plantation area in Java is considered no less superior than that in Sumatra. Overall, it is stated that coffee production in East Java accounts for 9.7 percent of the total coffee commodities produced by Indonesia.

Those are 5 Coffee Exporter from Indonesia. Interested in trying one of these coffees? You can get it at FnB Tech Indonesia.

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