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What is Green Coffee Beans? Iconic Taste of Indonesian Coffee

What is Green Coffee Beans? The Future of Iconic Taste of Indonesian Coffee

What is green coffee beans? Green coffee is a commodity that occasionally grows in popularity. The quantity of brands that sell green coffee in contemporary packaging demonstrates its appeal. The primary reason green coffee is so well-liked is because of its health advantages.

What is Green Coffee Beans? Is Green Coffee Beans the Same as Regular Black Coffee Beans?

Elb Green Dino Beans

Elb Green Dino Beans

Maybe you are used to drinking black coffee, coffee beans that have been roasted or fried. What is green coffee beans? What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘green coffee’?

No, uncertainty at all because no young coffee trees are used to make this coffee. Green and black coffee may be harvested from the same tree. Green coffee, as already said, is unroasted and pure.

Due to the undeniable green coffee bean extract benefits, they even earn the “health coffee pioneer moniker.” On the other hand, roasting coffee depletes the bean of many of its vitamins, active substances, and antioxidants.

Of course, black coffee is second to none for connoisseurs of taste. The roasting process makes black coffee have a delicious taste, aroma, and a lower bitter taste.

But there’s no harm in trying it.

What Green Coffee Beans That FnB TECH INDONESIA Proudly Harvest For Indonesia?

1. ELB Green Dino

A coffee bean with a big size (8 mm and higher) with a more prosperous and thicker body taste is known as ELB Green Dino. For you who read this, beans like ELB Green Dino stands out, especially for those of robust yet smooth brews. It has a Cinnamon flavor and dark chocolate with hints of caramel.

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2. Organic Mandheling Grade 1

Sumatran coffee is prepared differently from coffees from Sulawesi and Bali. Like most washed coffees created worldwide are made, the process starts with the chosen coffee beans and pulped out the cherry peel.

Like these other washed coffees, the fermentation is complete after the fruit around the parchment has fallen off and the fruit-free parchment has been rinsed off.

3. Bali Kintamani Robusta ELB 350BC

Kopi luwak, also known as civet coffee due to its origins in the droppings of Asian palm civets, is probably the first coffee that comes to mind when you think of Indonesia.

The aroma and flavor were similar to that of chocolate in coffee. Bali Robusta coffee beans are chosen from just the highest-quality coffee beans. They are grown in Pupuan Bali at an altitude of 450–700 mpdl, where the soil and environment are ideal for coffee plants.

Is Green Coffee Beans Good for Your Health?

According to experts, the benefit green coffee beans bring is that they are not fried or roasted and have a high content of chlorogenic acid. One of the health benefits of this acid is to stimulate metabolism.

Not only does it stimulate metabolism, but green coffee still has myriad health benefits for the drinker. This coffee is quite interesting to review, from increasing energy to preventing Alzheimer’s.

There you have it, everything you need to know about green coffee beans. You can try it by choosing a product from FnB TECH INDONESIA.

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