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Unroasted Green Coffee Beans: Better Tasting Espresso

Unroasted Green Coffee Beans: The Secret to a Better Tasting Espresso – Every cup of coffee we drink has a unique story. Starting from the type of coffee, the plantation’s origin, the processing, the post-harvest techniques, and the roasting technique. 

Coffee beans, especially unroasted green coffee beans, generally have light brown colour with different variations of green hue. Raw or unroasted coffee beans are also known as rice coffee.

The Art of Processing Unroasted Green Coffee Beans to Roasted Green Coffee Beans

Have you ever considered the lengthy trip that coffee beans take before being eventually served in the cup of coffee you typically enjoy? Yes, it turns out that several steps and procedures are involved in turning coffee beans into the delectable beverage that millions of people worldwide enjoy.

1. Maximizing the Taste of Coffee Beans

Processing unroasted green coffee beans into roasted coffee beans is a blend of art and science. A coffee roaster is a craftsman who uses his senses and gauges to develop the flavour of each coffee bean. The roasting process on beans or green beans is to produce and maximize the taste of the beans, from the aroma, sweetness, acidity, and body, to the aftertaste. 

2. Calibration to Meet Standards

Calibration steps are also required to maintain the consistency of taste quality and maximize coffee. FnB Tech Indonesia carries out this process painstakingly. The barista can taste the coffee and set a standard for the taste of the coffee at this calibration stage. Because unroasted green coffee beans have a variable nature, finding the perfect balance of variables is the primary goal of calibration.

At this stage, the coffee that has arrived in the hands of the manager will determine the gradation of the coffee grounds by weighing them accurately and choosing the right coffee size. The goal is so that the position of the coffee powder is not higher or lower. The coffee is then levelled using portafilters and distribution devices to make espresso. 

3. Unroasted Coffee Beans Now Went Through a Detailed Process

A detailed process indeed produces perfect extraction. Some coffee grounds are slightly down or too high, significantly affecting the extraction. When the position of the portafilter is too up or down, it will not deliver ideal pressure results. 

The coffee flow can only come out of the portafilter hole on the right or left. If the coffee flow only comes out on one side, there is a tilt. The left portafilter position may be heavier than the right side.

Meet FnB TECH INDONESIA Best Selling Unroasted Green Coffee Beans!

1. Sumatra Super Peaberry

unroasted Sumatra Super Peaberry

Peaberry beans are typically valued higher than regular coffee beans because they are thought to have a more concentrated flavour. Instead of the usual two half-beans inside each cherry, a Peaberry has just one coffee bean. In actuality, peaberry only makes up roughly 5–7% of any particular coffee harvest.

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2. Bali, Java, Gayo, and Mandheling Wine 

Unroasted green Coffee beans - Bali, Java, Gayo, and Mandheling Wine 

As goodquinic acid seeps into the processed coffee beans, glucose is modified to create a wine-like taste in the mouth, making the flavour taste like wine.

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3. Lasuna Special 

lasuna special coffee

The combination of acidity and body in Lasuna Special results in its mild taste, lightness, and a reasonable amount of wetness.

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