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Tips and Tricks! 4 Best Way to Store Green Coffee Beans

Tips and Tricks! 4 Best Way to Store Green Coffee Beans

Why We Need To Know The Best Way to Store Green Coffee Beans

Not only coffee beans after roasting or coffee grounds that you must consider for storage, but organic green coffee beans must be treated with care. However, the storage of these green beans must be treated carefully by roasters and anybody else involved in the coffee industry. Incorrectly storing green beans will affect the quality of the coffee in the cup later.

4 Best Way to Store Green Coffee Beans, Life Hack!

best way to store green coffee beans

1. Store at Room Temperature

After all, coffee is a fruit. Additionally, the green bean is a fruit that requires special handling, particularly in terms of the temperature you must maintain during storage. For example, you should keep green beans such as Gayo Long Berry at a temperature that is neither too hot nor too cold.

The approximate temperature is around 19’C – 27’C. This particular temperature is believed to maintain the quality of the green beans to the maximum until just before roasting. Green seeds shouldn’t be kept in a room with excessive humidity since it will affect their quality. Fungi and bacteria can infect green beans.

2. Use Uncontaminated Storage Containers

Generally, organic green coffee beans are stored in containers such as burlap or clean sacks. This container is sufficient to maintain the quality of the green bean itself. But keep in mind that this burlap or bag wants to be spotless.

It would help if you transformed it into a brand-new container instead of being utilized to store leftover foods. You could have burlap, old rice or onion sacks, or food that smells bad.

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This thing may be dangerous if used as a location to store coffee because the scent and flavour of the earlier components will influence how the coffee tastes.

3. Do Not Expose to Direct Sunshine

Besides humid places, direct sunlight is the enemy of organic green coffee beans. So if you want the quality of green beans to be perfect, keep them out of the sun. If you store it in a room with windows, keep it away from the window because the sun’s rays harm the quality of the coffee.

4. Store in a Porous Container

Coffee also needs to breathe. Storing green beans like Mandheling FTO in a closed container is okay but remember that organic green coffee beans need pores or ventilation so air circulation can run smoothly. It is helpful so that the green coffee beans remain healthy and have reached the desired quality before roasting.

Coffee Connoisseur Final Verdict!

You should now be ready to find organic green coffee beans. You can shop FnB Tech Indonesia’s coffee beans which are 100% made in Indonesia and locally harvested from the largest coffee plantation in Indonesia. Show us how you make your green coffee, and tag us on Instagram!

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