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Perfect Me Time! 4 The Best Way to Enjoy Coffee

Perfect Me Time! 4 The Best Way to Enjoy Coffee

Coffee has been less in demand by people all this time, especially specialty coffee drinks. Many people prefer packaged coffee to specialty coffee because they think that specialty coffee cannot be enjoyed because of its bitter taste. However, over the past few years, specialty coffee has begun to get attention and is in great demand by everyone, as seen from many coffee shops and their visitors, which are dominated by young people.

Before going any further, we must know what specialty coffee drinks are? Specialty Coffee is coffee that has good quality, taste, and aroma with standard cupping test and is processed with special provisions (Otten).

YOLO! 4 Tips The Best Way to Enjoy Coffee

Brewing coffee not only can be done by an expert; anyone can brew coffee. But how we make it more enjoyable? Here are tips to improve your morning cup in just a few easy ways.

  1. The best time to drink coffee – Some people drink coffee in the morning. But there is a certain time to drink coffee. The stress hormone cortisol is one crucial hormone to increase focus and alertness. It can also regulate metabolism, the immune system, and blood pressure.

    According to research by Steven Miller of the University of Health Sciences in Bethesda, cortisol production reaches its highest peak between 8am and 9am. But it also depends on your sleep and wake cycle. Usually, the hormone cortisol peaks about 30-45 minutes after you wake up.

    So, the best time to drink coffee is when your cortisol production decreases, usually between 9:30-11:30 (hellosehat).

  2. Choose fresh coffee beans – Make sure your roasted coffee beans are always fresh. So, it has its full flavor and aroma. You can buy fresh coffee from a trusted supplier or local roasters.

    You should also know how to store the coffee beans correctly to retain their freshness. Here are the tips to store your coffee beans correctly:

    A. Keep away from direct sunlight
    B. Store in an air-tight container
    C. Keep it in a cool, dry area

  3. Add sugar, milk, or cream – If you do not like bitter coffee, you can enhance its taste. You can add milk, cream, or sugar. Be sure you have fun with your drink and never have to endure a boring cup anymore.

  4. Combines with foods that go with coffee – We recommend you the best food and coffee combination. Sweet or savory, there are plenty of ways to create such a delicious pairing, like cheesecake, coffee cake, full English, and pastries

    You can check our specialty coffee product here to get a sense of fresh, flavorful, and good coffee beans.

    – Kania Rana Deli
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