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Mandheling Coffee, The Delicious Arabica Coffee from Sumatra

Mandheling Coffee, The Delicious Arabica Coffee from Sumatra

If you are a fan of arabica coffee, you will love Mandheling coffee. As a nation that has been growing and loving Coffee since the beginning of time, the people of Indonesia are blessed with many delicious coffee varieties. The coffee products of this country have sailed across the world to America, West Europe, and many other regions.

Since Indonesia has many active volcanoes, the soil on its land is very fertile. This fertility allows an ideal condition to plant and grow delicious coffee beans. Indonesia’s most popular coffee beans come from Sumatra, Java, and Sulawesi. And Mandheling is one of the most popular coffee beans from Sumatra.

To help you learn more about Mandheling and why it is delicious, we will tell you everything there is to know about this Coffee. This Coffee might be your next favorite Coffee that you can enjoy on a lovely evening.

Where Is Mandheling Coffee from?

Almost 15% of the coffee beans planted in Indonesia are arabica coffee. Sumatra is the second largest island in Indonesia, where you can find many coffee plantations. Mandheling is one of the Coffee you can find on this island.

In Indonesia’s coffee history, Pakatan Village, Mandailing Natal in Sumatra, is the first region where people started planting arabica coffee. It is no wonder that Mandailing Natal became the largest arabica coffee producer on this island. You will be able to find high-quality Mandheling beans in this region.

In many villages in Sumatra, you will also find hundreds of coffee farms. Some of these coffee farms have been there for hundreds of years. This Coffee is planted on the slopes of Leuser Mountain in Sumatra.

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What Makes Mandheling Coffee Delicious?

Now that you know where this Coffee came from, you need to know what makes Mandheling special. Mandheling is one of the four most popular arabica coffee in Sumatra. While most coffee names come from the region where the Coffee was planted, Mandheling was named after the people of Mandailing. These people traditionally grow and process coffee beans in Tapanuli, a region in Sumatra.

Mandheling beans grow at the height of 2,500 to 5,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. Indonesian coffee farmers grow this Coffee near Padang, Indonesia. And when words spread about Mandheling, many traders began to ask about Mandheling beans from Sumatra.

One of the most exciting things about Mandheling beans is their unique production method, which is the wet grinding method. Mandheling beans can produce Coffee with a strong flavor and aroma thanks to their production method. You will even feel a hint of spiciness and herbal taste in this Coffee.

Most coffee production uses 10-12% humidity, which is why Mandheling has become unique. The wet grinding method involves grinding the beans with 50% water content. This unique process manages to produce a unique flavor profile in Mandheling beans.

You will taste the unique flavor profile on your palate as you take a sip of this delicious Coffee. Besides that, you will also taste low-acidity in this Coffee, which you might love in a cup of Coffee. You can immediately enjoy a cup of Mandheling Coffee available at PT FANDB Tech Indonesia, which will provide you with this Coffee at a reasonable price.

Final Thoughts

Mandheling beans are one of the unique beans from Sumatra, Indonesia. These beans can produce a fantastic cup of Coffee that will introduce you to a new flavor. All you need to do is find a Mandheling coffee you can enjoy.

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