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Java Arabica Coffee Beans: Characteristics, Taste & Where to Buy!

Java Arabica Coffee Beans Characteristics, Taste & Where to Buy!

It is impossible to separate the influence of Dutch colonization from the History of coffee in Indonesia. The spread of coffee was started in 1696 by the Dutch. At that time, the Dutch brought the first coffee seeds from Malabar, India, to the island of Java. A Dutch governor who served in Malabar, India, took the initiative to send seeds known to be of the arabica type to another Dutch governor on duty in Batavia, now called Jakarta. The seeds themselves come from Yemen.

Let’s learn more about the History and characteristics of Java Arabica coffee beans. Happy reading.

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The History of Java Arabica Coffee Beans

As previously mentioned, coffee seeds were first brought to Indonesia during the Dutch colonial period. Then, the coffee seeds were first tested on the private land of the VOC Governor-General Willem van Oudtshoorn. The first harvest of Java coffee was immediately sent to Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam for research. Biologists at Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam are amazed by the quality of Java Arabica coffee.

According to them, the quality and taste of Java coffee are extraordinary and have the potential to dominate the European market, which is above their expectations. In the end, the world recognizes that the strong taste and distinctive aroma are the main attraction of Java coffee. Over time, the term a Cup of Java appeared in the western world; this suggests that coffee is synonymous with Java coffee.

The production of this Arabica type of Java coffee has made many Javanese entrepreneurs successful in coffee trading. The price of Arabica coffee, mainly produced in Java, is higher than Robusta coffee.

The Characteristics of Java Arabica Coffee

The characteristics of Java Arabica coffee are almost the same as Arabica coffee in general, such as having a smaller bean size than Robusta coffee, low caffeine content, and delicious taste and aroma.

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Java Arabica coffee has a characteristic thin spice aroma with medium thickness, acidity, and a balanced taste. With the wet grinding method, Java coffee tastes are not as strong as coffee from Sulawesi and Sumatra. However, there are still many Javanese coffee enthusiasts because of the aroma of spices and herbs that other types of coffee in Indonesia don’t have.

The Features of Java Arabica Coffee

java arabica coffee beans
  • Has a unique tasteOne of the features of this Java coffee is that it has a unique taste and characteristics. This brewed coffee that comes from the land of Java usually has a very distinctive aroma of spices that makes Java coffee different from coffee from other regions in Indonesia.
  • It has good quality Java coffee is famous for creating delicious and aromatic brewed coffee from high-quality coffee beans.
  • It has a distinctive aromaJavanese coffee is famous for its very distinctive coffee aroma. The aroma of Javanese coffee is known to be very fragrant and delicious.
  • It has a viscosity that is not too highJava Arabica coffee beans has a medium viscosity, which is to say that it is not overly dense. With these advantages, people often say that Java coffee is one of the kings of coffee.

Final Words

That’s all about the History and characteristics of Java Arabica Coffee beans. To enjoy a delicious cup of Java Arabica coffee, you can get it at PT FANDB TECH INDONESIA, visit the website here; not only Java Arabica Coffee, but you can also try another taste.

Those who like the original taste can enjoy it without using sugar. You will get the original taste of Java Arabica coffee beans with the aroma of spices combined with the charming aroma of coffee itself.

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