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Green Coffee Vs Black Coffee, Different and Which One is Better?

Black Coffee vs Green Coffee

There is a shift in enjoying the cup of daily coffee. People are now considering drinking coffee based on green coffee beans. However, coffee based on black coffee beans is still also enjoyed.  

Some differences between green coffee vs black coffee were causing the new trend. It consists of the differences in terms of flavors, nutrition, the amount of caffeine, and health benefits. 

Yet, the first and foremost point that differentiates them from each other is the process the coffee beans go through before their consummation. 

What Is Green Coffee and Black Coffee? 

The same source derives both green coffee and black coffee. Yes, they are generally the same coffee beans. Even so, black coffee is made from raw coffee beans roasted. Green coffee is made using green coffee beans, unroasted ones. 

4 Differences Between Green Coffee and Black Coffee 

Coffee Roasting

When the roasting takes place, some changes are made. The National Coffee Association page explained the changes caused by the roasting process, as cited here:

“Roasting causes chemical changes to take place as the beans are rapidly brought to very high temperatures”. 

Hence, the process triggers some changes which differentiate green coffee vs black coffee, as follows:

1. Change of colors

During the roasting process, the colors change from their original colors according to the roasting level that coffee roasters determine (Coffee Color Spectrum). 

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2. Mass of the Coffee Beans and Their Humidity

The roasting process releases moisture from the coffee beans, which makes the beans weigh less. It also removes some organic gasses and the husks. Yet the coffee bean’s body becomes more solid and crunchy when chewed.

3. The Change in Delicateness and Volume 

There will be changes in the coffee beans’ volume throughout the roasting since a chain of sugars will be developed. According to the roasting point, the size might multiply from its original size.

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In addition, the delicateness or porosity increases, making it easier to dissolve when preparing your coffee drink. 

4. Oil Extraction

The lipids or oils that coffee beans primarily contain will be extracted and coat the coffee beans thanks to the roasting process. The oils keep the volatile compounds necessary to produce coffee flavor and aroma inside the coffee beans.

Thanks to the roasting process, the coffee beans will have appealing colors, tempting aromas, and rich flavors with various coffee consistency.

Otherwise,  green coffee produced using green coffee beans offers a smoother coffee flavor. You’ll notice that the taste at some point resembles herbal green tea. While the roasting process removes the coffee bitterness and brings out flavors, colors, and aroma, on the contrary, it also reduces some nutrients from the coffee beans.

Green coffee is claimed to be more nutritious since it does not undergo roasting. 

Know What Are the Health Benefits of Green Coffee Beans 

Drink Coffee for Health Benefit

As stated by Coffee Affection, a scientific study has shown that the intensive heat during the roasting process lowers nutrition in food or coffee beans.

Therefore, green coffee is claimed to bring more benefits to health since the nutritions are kept and do not reduce through the roasting process. Hence, green coffee offers a higher amount of antioxidants than black coffee. 

The particular type of antioxidant it has is chlorogenic acid which has many health benefits. It helps to reduce the cortisol amount in the human bloodstream, which helps to lower blood pressure. 

Meanwhile, Net Med explained that the chlorogenic acids in green coffee beans might help regulate blood sugar with their ability to increase sensitivity to insulin, lowering fat accumulation and inflammation. 

Green coffee also contains caffeine, but it is known to be at a moderate level. It helps to boost energy. Together with the high level of chlorogenic acid, they promote your function throughout the day.

Green Coffee Beans Help You Lose Weight? 

Besides all the health benefits mentioned above, Net Med said that green coffee beans are a potential supplement to stimulate weight loss. Again, it is thanks to the chlorogenic acid level that green coffee beans keep.

Body metabolism benefits from the acid in lowering the absorption of carbs, regulating the lipid profile in the body, burning the glucose and fat, and avoiding the spike of blood sugar.  

Therefore, a regular and proper amount of green coffee consumption will help stimulate the metabolism, burning fat which is impacting to maintain a healthy weight. 

Does Green Coffee Contain Caffeine? 

Caffein in Coffee Beans

Both green coffee and black coffee contain caffeine. The difference is the amount of caffeine a cup of green and black coffee offer when brewed.

A cup of black coffee generally contains 100 gr of caffeine. If you want to lower your caffeine consumption, a cup of green coffee beans is the perfect choice since green coffee’s caffeine amount is only 20 mg per cup. 

All in all, the winning position of the health benefit battle of green coffee vs black coffee is deemed green coffee’s side. But, you also need to implement regular exercise and a healthy diet accordingly. Aside, you can still consume black coffee with a decent amount once in a while to indulge your palate with its rich and deep taste.

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