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Do Coffee Beans Expire? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Before drinking coffee, it’s a good idea to check it first. Do coffee beans expire? Has your coffee still drinkable? It is important so that unwanted things don’t happen in the future.

Do Coffee Beans Expire?

Whole seeds can keep for three to nine years in the freezer if they are carefully kept without opening and put in containers with a degassing valve and many layers. But even so, if you store it wrong, the coffee beans will lose their quality in about six months.

Characteristics of Expired Coffee 

do coffee expire?

1. The Smell of Coffee

Do coffee beans expire? Yes, coffee is still drinkable, has the usual coffee scent’s aromatic aroma, and does not smell musty. Before drinking coffee, it’s a good idea first to sip the coffee to ensure it is in a drinkable condition.

2. Krema

When brewing coffee, you will find a layer resembling foam on a golden brown colour surface. The crema is the name of this stratum. Usually, the cream colour is slightly faded, and the thickness is somewhat reduced. Using krema, you can determine whether the coffee is fresh. If the coffee used is not fresh.

3. Sluggish

If storing coffee in the form of beans that have been roasted or commonly called roast beans, make sure the coffee beans are in decent condition. The way to find out “do coffee beans expire” or not is simply by taking a sample of one of the coffee beans and then biting or pressing it with your fingernails. Good coffee beans that are still worth using will look crispy and not tough.

4. Expiration Date

Before brewing coffee, ensure it is within the expiration date listed on the packaging.

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Coffee Expiration

Undoubtedly, coffee is the most delicious drink in the world. The taste and aroma combine perfectly to create incomparable natural pleasure. There are various kinds of coffee in the market, ranging from raw coffee beans (green beans) and roasted coffee beans (roasted beans) to coffee grounds ready to be brewed. You can buy it as needed.

Do coffee beans expire? The expiration date of coffee varies according to its form. The longest-lasting food is green beans, which may be kept in storage for up to a year. Meanwhile, roasted coffee (roasted beans) has a shelf life of up to 5-6 months from the roasting date. It’s different from ground coffee. Ground coffee in cans can be stored for more than two years. But once the lid is opened, the expiration date of this coffee powder only reaches one month.

Where Do You Get A Good Quality Coffee Bean?

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