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Choosing the Best Green Coffee Beans Wholesale for Your Cafe

Choosing the Best Green Coffee Beans Wholesale for Your Cafe

Drinking coffee in Indonesia is becoming a lifestyle trend, no longer a drink to relieve sleepiness. The demand for coffee from farmers also soared. This phenomenon has made several regions begin to develop their specialty coffees.

Not wanting to depend on wholesalers, few café or coffee shop owners hunt for coffee directly from farmers in the regions. Here’s how you choose the best green coffee beans wholesale.

Tips for Choosing a Green coffee Beans Wholesaler for Your Coffee Shop Needs

Choosing coffee beans wholesale is a serious matter. For coffee shop owners, making decisions for their coffee shops must first be analyzed and considered. Starting from the target market to be achieved, how the interior and exterior of their coffee shop, what costs need to be incurred, and most importantly, from which coffee wholesaler to meet the needs of our coffee shop.

1. Choose Green Coffee Beans Wholesale

Before choosing one of the many coffee wholesalers, try to find references from anywhere, whether cyberspace or acquaintances with fellow coffee shop owners. 

After the contact data is collected, then where to start? Start with the coffee wholesaler that you think is interesting. This list minimizes the possibility that you can look for another wholesaler if one wholesale green coffee beans runs out of coffee stock.

2. Coffee Samples

After choosing a coffee wholesaler, for you serious buyers, the wholesaler is not reluctant to send us a sample of the coffee they sell. And each green coffee beans wholesaler has a different way of serving potential buyers. 

They have terms and conditions for coffee wholesalers to send samples of the coffee they sell. After you receive a coffee sample, try to study the coffee sample. If the taste profile interests you, you can decide whether to buy it.

3. Testimonials

Ask him which coffee shop has worked with the wholesaler. What the testimonies are if you meet a wholesaler you were unaware of (even if there is no information about him online).

4. Try Local Green Coffee

Choosing outside green coffee beans is not okay, but it would be nice to try local beans where your coffee shop operates. At least one local origin fills the bar table of our coffee shop, and it could be that local coffee is your specialty. Who knows?

5. Visiting

Suppose you want to be more particular about choosing a coffee wholesaler. In that case, you can visit his storage area or the coffee wholesaler’s coffee garden. The types of coffee wholesalers may vary. Some are only intermediaries. Some are directly involved as coffee farmers and green coffee beans wholesale suppliers.

6. Choose Your Favorable Green Beans

If you are interested in a coffee wholesaler but the shipping procedure is too complicated for you, it’s better to look for another. Try to find green coffee bean wholesalers who send coffee beans to many areas.

Final Words

These are just some tips. Some coffee shop owners also have a way of cooperating with coffee wholesalers. So, what do you think? Have you ever had an exciting experience with a coffee wholesaler? In FnB Tech Indonesia, we provide premium wholesale coffee, especially green beans.

As green coffee beans wholesale company, FnB Tech Indonesia. Also, you can find us on our Instagram and enjoy our social media content.

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