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6 Facts about Sumatra Mandailing Coffee

Sumatra is known as one of the best coffee-producing areas in Indonesia. For coffee connoisseurs, you must be familiar with the best types of coffee produced in this area, one of which is Mandailing Coffee. This coffee is mainly produced in the Mandailing Natal area, North Sumatra. What are some interesting facts about Sumatra Mandailing Coffee? Come on, see the article below.

The History Of Sumatra Mandailing Coffee

1. Starting From The Forced Cultivation System

Mandailing Natal is a coffee-producing area that has been running since the 1800s. Historically, the coffee plantations in Mandailing Natal began with the forced cultivation system implemented by the Dutch East Indies government. Since then, Mandailing Coffee continues to exist today.

2. Manufacturing Process with Unique Method

There is a unique method used in the production of Mandailing Coffee so that it can produce a distinctive taste and aroma. Giling Basah is the name of the traditional process of making coffee in Sumatra, which involves grinding beans with a moisture content of about 50%. Because it is made with a unique process, Mandailing Coffee has a different taste from other coffees

3. Low Acidity

Mandailing Coffee from Sumatra has a unique taste. The low acidity level with a floral aroma and sweet aftertaste is the character of Mandailing Coffee. This character makes this coffee so delicious.

4. Floral Aroma

Another characteristic of this coffee is its fragrant floral aroma. This fragrance then makes it often used by several roasteries or coffee shops to make house blends. The aroma is appetizing.

5. Not Only Produced in Mandailing Natal

Mandailing Coffee is widely grown in Simpang Banyak village, Ulu Pungkut district, Mandailing Natal. However, this coffee is not only produced in the area. Some areas of Sumatra, such as Tapanuli and Pakpak, also produce the best quality of this Mandailing Coffee.

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6. Well Known In International Market

The Mandailing Coffee trademark is well-known in the international market. Coffee connoisseurs widely know this coffee in various parts of the world because of its delicious taste and difference from other types of coffee. This Mandailing coffee is already in demand in international coffee outlets such as Japan, the United States, and Europe.

Those are interesting facts about Sumatra Mandailing Coffee that you should know. No need to go all the way to Sumatra. Now you can get this coffee at FnB Tech Indonesia.

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