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Where Do Sumatra Coffee Beans Come From?

Where Do Sumatra Coffee Beans Come From

Indonesia is known as a country that has abundant natural wealth. There are many natural products that we can enjoy because the soil in Indonesia is very fertile. It is one of the explanations for Indonesia’s large number of coffee plantations, many of which are on the island of Sumatra. Now, the question might start with where Sumatra coffee beans come from? Find out more about Sumatra coffee and more here.

Getting to Know the Taste of Sumatra Coffee 

Sumatra coffee is indeed very famous, not only in Indonesia but also abroad. Some of the most well-known varieties of Sumatran coffee, such as Sidikalang coffee from North Sumatra, Gayo coffee from Aceh, Mandailing Natal coffee from North Sumatra, Lahat coffee, Lampung coffee, and many more.

Where do Sumatra coffee beans come from? Talking about coffee originating from Sumatra, although there are many variants, there are similarities in taste and characteristics. Only a few people know that most of Indonesia’s coffee shops and coffees come from the island of Sumatra. It is not without reason that coffee shop owners prefer to use Sumatra coffee. Sumatra coffee has a unique taste that makes many people fall in love and become addicted. 

Where Do Sumatra Coffee Beans Come From?

Why is North Sumatra declared the best coffee producer? Because it is dominated by mountainous areas suitable for planting coffee beans. One of them, Arabica coffee which thrives at an altitude of 600-2000 meters above sea level, is cold and requires moisture, good soil texture, and sufficient sunlight.

Types Of Sumatra Coffee Beans

1. Gayo Coffee 

Gayo coffee is an arabica coffee variety that is one of the leading commodities from the Gayo highlands, Central Aceh. This coffee received Fair Trade Certified™ from the Fair Trade International Organization on May 27, 2010. Gayo coffee received an IG (Geographical Indication) certificate submitted by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. Then at the Indonesian Coffee Special Auction Event on October 10, 2010, in Bali, again Gayo Arabica coffee got the highest rank during the cupping score. These certifications and achievements have further strengthened Gayo Coffee’s position as the world’s best organic coffee.

1. Lintong Coffee 

The Dutch colonials brought Lintong coffee seeds for the first time around 1888. The Bukit Barisan mountains, which are close to Lake Toba and have the perfect height for growing coffee trees, are where most coffee was produced at that time. Typically, coffee-growing regions are found in the Lintong Nihuta District in the Humbang Hasundutan Regency. Therefore, the term Lintong coffee was taken from the word Lintong Nihuta. Since the first, Lintong coffee has been a favorite among European coffee drinkers because of its strong taste and distinctive aroma.

2. Mandheling Coffee

Arabica coffee with a distinctive aroma and taste. This coffee is usually served differently from the others, using coconut shells, and is commonly referred to as takar coffee. This coffee was first grown in the Mandheling Natal (Madina) area, near the border of North Sumatra and West Sumatra, precisely in the Pekantan area. Quality Mandheling coffee is also produced in the interior of Sumatra, such as Tapanuli and Pakpak.

3. Lampung Coffee 

Coffee is a leading commodity in Lampung, and it is no secret that one of Indonesia’s most well-known instant coffee companies has a plantation here. Lampung is also famous as a producer of robusta coffees because the area is considered ideal for growing robusta varieties. However, in recent years arabica varieties have also received increasing attention, even though the number is still less than robusta. Since the beginning of 2016, coffee production and sales of Lampung coffees have increased significantly compared to previous years.

The Best Sumatra Coffee Beans You Could Find

In addition to the delicious aroma and taste, coffee has many benefits for the body if consumed properly. For example, it can improve brain function and mood, relieve headaches, prevent Parkinson’s disease, reduce the risk of diabetes, and much more.

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