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Taste Like Heaven! You Need to try Sumatra Peaberry Coffee!

Taste Like Heaven! You Need to try Sumatra Peaberry Coffee!

Have you ever entered a coffee shop and seen the term Sumatra peaberry coffee? You may have asked why it’s one of the priciest options on the menu. What exactly is a peaberry? A berry or A bean? In this article, you will learn more about Peaberry and what makes Peaberry very special.

What is a Sumatra Peaberry Coffee Beans?

A peaberry isn’t a pea or a berry, though. One seed is contained within the coffee fruit (or coffee cherry). Only 5–10% of the coffee beans collected worldwide have the oval or pear-shaped bean. This mutation is natural. We would need to be familiar with the structure of coffee cherry to comprehend how uncommon this type of bean is and how unique it is from other coffee beans.

There are typically two seeds within a coffee cherry that we roast, ground, and brew into the Coffee. These seeds are shielded by the following layers of fruit and skin:

  • Exocarp (outer skin)
  • Mesocarp (pulp, mucilage) (pulp, mucilage)
  • Pectin/parenchyma layer
  • Endocarp (parchment) (parchment)

Two seeds (each with one flat side) are typically developed inside the parchment, and the thin epidermis, often known as the “silver skin,” covers each seed. But occasionally, only one spherical seed—a peaberry—forms. Although some point to limited pollination, adverse weather, and other environmental factors, the industry has not yet determined why this mutation occurs.

There are other situations where a cherry produces a single, flat-sided seed. However, this is not regarded as a peaberry because peaberries are round.

Although uncommon, peaberries are not exclusive to one type of Coffee. There are Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica peaberries, among others. They can be found in every region producing Coffee, including the Philippines.

The History of Peaberry Coffee

In the mid-seventeenth century, the Dutch introduced coffee to Indonesia. And since its introduction, Indonesia has become the home to many commercial coffee plantations. The first coffee production in Indonesia was sold in Amsterdam in 1712.

Since Indonesia sold its first coffee production, it has continued to expand pretty well. However, the coffee plantations in this country were wiped out in 1877 by a coffee root disease. Then, Indonesia was forced to replant new coffee trees.

Most coffee trees in Indonesia came from Africa, so most coffee plants were Robusta beans. However, approximately 15% of coffee production in Indonesia involves arabica beans. Arabica beans grew well in Java, Sumatra, Bali, Flores, and Sulawesi. The Peaberry Sumatra is one of the arabica coffees still standing in Indonesia.

Indonesian arabica beans produce such unique coffees. They are traditionally strong and have complex flavors. Often, Indonesian arabica coffee has a syrupy quality with balanced acidity, which you will also find in the Peaberry coffee from Sumatra.

Sumatra Peaberry Coffee sorting and roasting

Roasted Sumatra Peaberry Coffee

It is impossible to determine whether a coffee cherry contains ordinary beans or a peaberry. These spherical beans are more difficult for machines, filters, and sieves to identify than with human hands. Since they must be manually shifted and separated after the beans have dried, finding these uncommon newborns requires a lot of time and effort.

Women are frequently the ones who end up doing the work. They are more watchful and patient. Women farmers are instructed to sift their beans and search for peaberries in coffee-growing regions like Benguet and Sulu in the Philippines.

Additionally, peaberries are roasted separately from common beans. Heat is transported differently because of its size, density, and pore structure differences. Peaberries are thought to roast more evenly than regular beans because of their rounder form.

Why Are Peaberries Known as the Best?

Coffee beans can market anything rare as being exceptional. But what makes peaberries different, besides their scarcity? Peaberries are also said to be more delicious since they roast more evenly. Peaberries are reported to have more complex overtones, a brighter flavor, a sweeter taste, and a lighter body than other berries.

According to some experts in the field, a fuller flavor is said to be the result of the single bean receiving all the nutrients from the coffee cherry instead of sharing them with other seeds. There are a variety of perspectives out there, but it is indisputable that these one-seeders need special attention throughout the post-harvest processing.

Advantages Of Sumatra Peaberry Coffee

Despite the studies on the Peaberry, some things are universally accepted as fact. They are considered superior to conventional coffee beans since each coffee cherry only produces one Peaberry. They don’t need to distribute the nutrients from the cherry across two distinct beans, which is one justification for this idea.

Additionally, Sumatra Peaberry coffee is thought to provide a cup of Coffee with more pronounced acidity, sweetness, and complex and concentrated characteristics.

Side Effects of Peaberry Coffee

Higher antioxidant levels are correlated with higher caffeine levels. Additionally, peaberry beans are better for your health because they frequently contain more caffeine than ordinary beans.

However, this does not imply that they are suitable for you just because they have several health advantages! These coffee beans contain a lot of caffeine, implying that you won’t sleep well if you consume too much.

Your body will stay awake until the effects of the caffeine wear off around dawn. The last thing you want to do if you have trouble falling asleep is drink coffee! However, peaberry coffee can at least help you stay alert for longer and even help you have more endurance.

Regular versus Peaberry Coffee Bean

You should be aware that peaberry coffee is a specialty coffee. It is rounded instead of flat, unlike typical coffee beans, resulting in a smaller bean. It has more antioxidants than other varieties of beans because of its size.

However, the distinctions between Peaberry and regular Coffee go beyond size. Although they may taste similar when brewed, they are grown in distinct ways. Because peaberry coffee beans are smaller than other beans, they are produced differently than common beans.

What is So Special About Sumatra Peaberry Coffee?

What makes this Coffee unique? One of the best peaberry variants is Sumatra Peaberry coffee. The Sumatra Peaberry is famous as a rusticly sweet Arabica coffee with chocolate and caramel. A dark roast profile will present some spice, including cinnamon and clove, as well as spicy overtones.

What makes the Sumatra Peaberry coffee unique? Instead of the flat coffee cherry that is more common, this particular bean grows spherical. It has the proper name “peaberry” and is shaped like a pea. It is an incredibly sophisticated, full-bodied, and adaptable product that goes well with any roast profile.

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