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Here are 3 Sumatra Coffee Exporters and Indonesia’s Best Coffee Farmers

Indonesian local coffee has a better quality if compared to the coffee of other nations. Its position has been recognized as one of the best coffees in the world. The following are Sumatra coffee exporters or several places in Sumatra which are the best coffee producers.

The Top Producers and Sumatra Coffee Exporter

Lampung Coffee

Lampung Province is the largest coffee-producing area in Indonesia. Especially in Liwa, West Lampung Regency, which became the best example of plantations in Lampung Province and nationally in terms of increasing coffee production and quality.

The coffee produced is robusta with various flavors depending on geographical location, and in the end, it becomes a distinct advantage for coffee quality.

Entering Liwa, you can feel the aura of coffee, one of which is the coffee shops scattered in various corners of the city. The coolest coffee product from here is said to be ginseng and areca-flavored coffee. Meanwhile, from the plantation location on Lake Ranau, the famous coffee is civet coffee.

Lahat Coffee

One of the best Sumatra coffee exporters and producers is Lahat. Coffee plants can be found in almost all areas of Lahat City, South Sumatra, and have been an important economic source since ancient times.

Drinking coffee in this city also seems to be a culture, where coffee shops are centers for exchanging conversations about hot topics and eventually making new friends.

Additionally, you can see a cup of coffee being mixed by the vendor at the coffee shop. Lahat frequently transfers its coffee beans to other cities for additional processing because it lacks enough processing facilities for its substantial volume of coffee production.

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Pagar Alam Coffee

One of the famous coffee centers in Pagar Alam is in the valley of Mount Dempo. You will find a stretch of coffee plantations on the slopes and valleys as far as the eye can see. The distinctive coffee aroma also invades this area’s sense of smell.

Enjoying the original coffee from Pagar Alam, South Sumatra, in the cool air certainly adds to its enjoyment. But unfortunately, due to less-than-optimal management, many coffee beans produced in Pagar Alam are sent to Lampung for further processing.

Those are 3 Sumatra coffee exporters that you need to know. With each unique taste, several types of coffee exported from Sumatra are very successful in foreign countries. You can get it at FnB Tech Indonesia.

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