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Pour Over Coffee vs Drip: Which Brewing Method is Right for You?

Pour Coffee Coffee vs Drip Comparasion

Some say coffee is the world’s second most consumed drink after water; others say it is tea. Either way, coffee remains one of the world’s most popular drinks. Its invention has resulted in various trends, including brewing methods. Two of the most well-known methods are pour over coffee vs drip. Then, which is the right one to produce a delectable cup of joe?

Explanation of Pour Over Coffee

Of all coffee processing methods, pour over could be considered the oldest. It was first introduced by Melitta Bentz in the early 1900s. It has become popular again because of third-wave coffee.

Pour over is a brewing method using a paper filter. The coffee drains through the filter while the hot water is slowly poured over the grounds. This method allows you to control the brewing process and the coffee flavor. While it’s a simple concept, it may be laborious since it takes a lot of time, and there may be one or two adjustments.

How Pour Over Coffee Works?

Pour over doesn’t involve any automation process. This is how this method works: first, you heat the water in a kettle to 205 degrees to enjoy a hot cup of joe. If you want it to be slightly cooler, boil the water to 195 degrees or adjust it to your preference.

Next up is the water pouring; you have complete control over it. Meaning you can ensure you pour the water over the coffee grounds evenly. Also, you can adjust the speed of your water pouring as necessary. 

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Why Do People Prefer Pour Over Coffee?

There is one fundamental reason many coffee enthusiasts prefer the pour over method: it’s about control. This method grants you total control over the entire brewing process. As previously mentioned, you can control the water temperature, the pouring speed, and the placement of the water pouring.

Aside from that, this method allows you to control the texture and final taste of the coffee. In addition, you can also control the strength and temperature of your brew. So, everything is about control with this pour over method.

Explanation of Drip Coffee

Both methods might be similar in theory when discussing pour over coffee vs drip. Still, both are different. Drip is more of a drip coffee maker, a machine created to automate the pour over the brewing process. It was first introduced in 1954 and popularized by Mr Coffee in the 1970s.

The drip coffee machine is designed with convenience and simplicity in mind. However, for coffee connoisseurs, the device will give you less control than the pour over method, so the extraction may be uneven.

Comparison of Pour Over and Drip Coffee

Pour over and drip coffee methods share a similar concept. The two are also great for hot and cold brew. Yet, the finer details of the entire process and end product are where the two methods vary.

Flavor and Taste

The hotplate within the drip coffee maker, which keeps your coffee warm, accelerates the brewed coffee’s chemical oxidation. This makes the coffee has hints of astringent and bitter flavors. The pour over coffee can be the option to get most of the unique taste of quality coffee beans. It often offers a clean, crisp flavor because the paper filter captures most of the grounds’ oils.


Drip coffee maker only allows you to control the coffee grounds and water ratio. Meanwhile, you have complete control with the pour over method. You can manage the ratio, quantity, water temperature, pour placement, speed, and brew time.

Time and Quality

The brewing process of both methods requires an equal amount of time. However, the pour over method requires more time for preparation and close attention. While practically the pour over takes a lenghty of time, it offers the potential for the most delicious fresh brewed coffee. Still, it’s all up to your skills.

Versatility and Ease of Use

This point is like the battle of ground coffee vs instant coffee. The former wins for the versatility category because you have control over it, much like the pour over method. Meanwhile, the latter wins for ease of use, much like a drip coffee maker in which its use doesn’t require any particular skills, and relatively easy to have a quick cup of joe.


Pour over coffee devices made of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel can last a last time as long as you attentively take care of them. Drip coffee makers, however, have a terrible reputation for being fickle. They can only last a few years if you get a lower-quality one.

The Winner of Method is Right for You Is?

Between pour over coffee vs drip, the former is typically preferred by many coffee connoisseurs. Yet ultimately, the ideal methods entirely depend on one’s own preferences. To find out which is fits your needs, try both ways and consider all factors, such as time and convenience.  

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