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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Term

Note : Payment 30/70 means 30% after signing the contract and 70% after the goods are ready before departure.

Yes. We could give you two samples in amount of 350 gram each.

We can provide you with free samples. However, if you were to buy for the first time from us, the freight cost will be charged on you.

The coffee price is fluctuating every day. For Arabica, it refers to the New York (NY) terminal closing prices. As for Robusta, it refers to London (LDN) terminal closing prices

Outright price is the price that is given at website per today. While the differential basis is FnB Tech’s differential points based on terminal prices, usually used for long term contracts.

Our prices on website are FOB Belawan or any port of indonesia

Yes, it is possible, but you will be charged in retail price. Conventional price is only applied to minimum purchasing of 1 MT

We have stock in our warehouse in Medan. Normally, the shipment will be executed at least two weeks after the contract is signed

Yes. Documents for export will be prepared by Fnb Tech through our own EXIM (Export & Import) department. The documents will be adjusted to your needs in your country

No. The shipment cost is not included in our website price. However, we can arrange the shipment

Broker will be provided with the exact same services as other buyers. We will surely provide you with samples and other things you might need. However, there will be no broker fee unless the discount in the amount of US$ 25 per MT for Arabica and US$ 10 per MT for Robusta. Also, brokers can manage to mark up the prices in order to increase your margins

FnB Tech will arrange the OEM Basis based on buyer’s request. The packaging will be decided by the buyer, but the printing cost will be executed according the prices from FnB Tech’s various vendors.

Yes, there will be cancellation fee in accordance with the contract value

The dimensions of our jute bag is
Size: 117×73 (Cms)
Weight: 1.000 gr Capacity: 60 Kg

Sumatra Super Peaberry, ELB Green Dino and Jumbo 18+ are our specialty coffee (often said as gourmet coffee). For instance, for ELB Green Dino, we specially hand-picked select the big beans among any other beans. And to answer your question, those gourmet coffee beans are produced in Aceh, so they are classified as Mandheling