CSR Program by Coffindo Surabaya - "Our Blood to Surabaya"

19 Sep 2013

Our Blood to Surabaya has successfully held at Wisma BII Hall, Surbaya in September 17th, 2013

The importance of blood for every human becomes a particular concern in this lifetime. It based on the role of blood as transportation between the organs. Lack of blood caused the emergence of any indications that affect a human’s survival. That indications became a focus for social institutions likes Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) to supply sufficient blood. The needs of blood become a main focus for PMI recently. Due to lack of blood in many hospitals while the need of blood is always increase. The irony makes Coffindo to cooperate with PMI to held blood donation with the theme “Our Blood to Surabaya.”

Our Blood to Surabaya has successfully held at Wisma BII Hall, Surbaya in September 17th, 2013. The blood donation has approached 61 participants which include Coffindo’s partner and Surabaya citizen. It was the first Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity that held by Coffindo in 2013. For this time, Coffindo is in collaboration with PMI East Java as the implementation team. The aims of this event are:

-    As a brand activation from Coffindo Surabaya
-    Establish a good relationship with business partner who involved in Coffindo Surabaya
-    Socialization to the public on the importance of blood to life
-    Social activities to fulfill the availability of blood in the community
-    Form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Coffindo on society and environment sector

The implementation of this event gave a positive impact especially on our brand. It was because through organize this event, it shows our concern to all of public. Our Blood to Surabaya also reported by any media, such as Arek TV and Lensa Indonesia. 

Coffindo hopes that this kind of event will be held annually to bring the goodness in the future for all of us. We also hope that Coffindo CSR program will always be on our agenda and always concern our environment from the nearest.