CSR Coffindo Bandung to support 5000 Coffee seeds for Local farmers in Garut – West Java, Indonesia

03 Jun 2013

Coffindo Bandung Branch Office established the mission to support and provide 5000 coffee seeds to local farmers in Garut – West Java

(Garut-Indonesia) - Coffindo as a fast growing coffee company in Indonesia supports the society, environment and culture, within Coffindo’s mission to enhance the ability to work closely and cooperatively with all segments in coffee business including costumer, buyer and farmers.

In the beginning of June, Coffindo Bandung Branch Office established the mission to support and provide 5000 coffee seeds to local farmers in Garut – West Java. Garut is one of the best coffee origins from Indonesia known as Preanger Coffee Bean or Arabica Java Coffee. By conducting this event Coffindo represented by its Branch Manager – Herry Wahyudi was hoping to develop and increase the quality of coffee from Garut also provide business strategy to sell the beans into the global market.

This Company Social and Responsibility activity also supported by AEKI in terms of providing coffee training such as harvesting mechanism, roasting and cupping. During the activity all the farmers were apparently very interested in gaining more knowledge about the coffee process. In addition the participant and Coffindo representatives did a site-visit to the coffee warehouse close to the coffee plantation in Papandayan Mountain.

CSR activity is one of Coffindo’s concerns to create, support and maintain the element of coffee business, not only  focusing on the profit-centre but also engaging all the shareholders in coffee community to improve a better Indonesia coffee value.