FnB Agro Tourism

Discover the beauty of Agriculture

Our highland farms, situated between 700 to 1300 meters above sea level, are currently dedicated to growing coffee, chili, and corn, with plans to expand cultivation to a diverse array of crops.

Our agrotourism offerings provide enjoyable and educational experiences and support sustainable agricultural practices. Through agrotourism, we aim to promote public awareness of the vital role of environmental sustainability and biodiversity in agricultural production and to encourage the adoption of ecologically responsible farming methods.

FnB Agro Land

fnb agrotourism bandung


Located in Kelurahan warga mekar kecamatan, Baleendah, Kabutapen Bandung, with a total area of 16 hectares.

fnb agrotourism takengon


Located in Desa Pondok Balek, Ketol District, Takengon, Aceh, which is currently cultivated with 85% chili and 15% sugarcane on an area of 75 hectares.

fnb agrotourism pakpak

Pakpak Bharat

Located in Pakpak Bharat, North Sumatra, with a total area of 3500 hectares. Coffee and Vegetable farm.

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